Thursday, March 22, 2018

things you'll learn + for future reference

home is relative. and you'll become enamored of the idea of it, whether in the people you meet or the places you think about whenever things seem like they're going downhill. home will change for you, and so will the people and the things that you hold close, but like your dwellings throughout your childhood, you will always have a safe place somewhere.

apathy is pointless. not caring is pointless. you're not growing and you're not letting life in your heart and though putting parts of yourself out there is terrifying, you will never change and you will never grow if you don't.

if everything is horrible, call the people far away and listen to them talk about their film classes and what they think about faith or listen to them play piano while you sing along hundreds of miles away.

one of the greatest things you can do for yourself in these vulnerable times is to surround yourself with those who will teach you how important confidence in who you are and your abilities really are.

speaking and people are not as terrifying as your mind makes it seem. you'll become comfortable with it and one day you will learn that it's not bad for people to listen or care.

think for yourself.

your idols will change.

tell people that you love them.

keep making art.

support your friends' art.

be enthusiastic about life and all the things.

be kinder to your old self.