Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Text Tag

Thank you so much to the wonderful Adi for tagging me in this!
-Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog
-answer the original 6 questions
-add a typography/word related question of your own for the people you tagged to answer
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What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
probably J 

What are three words that you love?
'stoked' and 'aspire' and 'meliorism' and 'quest' and 'universe' and 'timid' and so many other things, I don't know how I could be expected to limit myself to just three

What are three words that you hate?
slut, moist, and entrepreneur, purely because I couldn't spell it to save my life and it frustrates me to no end

If you were to create a word, what would it be, and what would it describe?
something to explain the feeling of flying over the ocean at sunset. I've yet to find a word that completely describes how calming it is to watch the clouds turn red and the ocean glow pink and the whole airplane fill with a golden glow, it's unreal

I also don't think we have enough words in the English vocabulary to describe all of the things that are different kinds of beautiful, so that's another thing to work on

What are your three favorite punctuation marks?
+, &, and I feel like the interrobang symbol and I would get along well
‽ I mean?? that is my mood 24/7

What are three of your favorite fonts?
Consolas, quicksand, and geo sans light

Question from Adaline: what is your favorite quote/most beautiful thing you've ever heard or read?
I don't think I could ever really choose a specific quote really. I absolutely love everything that Dallas Clayton, Ryan O'Neal, and Keaton Henson come up with, and honestly I could fall in love with a single word just because of its definition or how it rolls off your tongue.
So here are just a small handful of the things I've fallen in love with over time

"But this is my body, the only thing that I own entirely, and it will carry me to greatness somehow." -Ginger, The Front Bottoms (this line feels like a battle cry and it gives me so much hope)


"You are a vessel of roses, and you won't always be in bloom, but I promise the frost never stays for long." -(x)

"If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. For wheat is wheat, even if people think it is a grass in the beginning." -Vincent Van Gogh

"The past is gone, and cannot harm you anymore. And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first and settles in as the gentle present." -Welcome to Night Vale

"Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Do not be afraid." -I honestly have no clue, I'll add it later if I find out (EDIT: it was Frederick Buechner)

"We're driving toward the morning sun where all your blood is washed away and all you did will be undone." -Taxi Cab, TOP 

the funny thing is, there have been single lines on the internet that I've read that have broken me more than any book from any profession author ever could. I might make a whole post on those later. 

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I tag
(if you don't want to do it/have already done it and I'm just dumb, you totally don't have to either)

my addition to the questions:
If you had the choice to have the writing style of one of your favorite authors, who would you choose?

I think that's all I need to do? I always feel like I'm missing something whenever I finish these, I don't know why, but thank you so much again to Adi for tagging me, this was really cool (even if it took me seven years to get up I'm sorry)
And I hope you all have a good day/week/life, go make something cool or read a wonderful book for me

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this week's playlist
Catch & Release - Matt Simons | Stars (Hold On) - Youngblood Hawke | Beekeeper - Keaton Henson | I Could Be Stronger (But Only For You) - Gareth Emery | Easy - Son Lux | Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt. I - Sir Sly | Helpless / Bloodlines Pt. II - Sir Sly | Heal - Tom Odell | High Hopes - Kodaline | Spirits - The Strumbellas | The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future - Los Campesinos! | Shiver - Lucy Rose | To See You Alive - Flatsound | Wild Things - Alessia Cara | Spaceman - The Killers | Better Days - Passport to Stockholm | Just Breathe - Pearl Jam | Bad Blood - Sleeping At Last | Raging - Kygo and Kodaline | Brazil - Declan McKenna

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Things I Never Want To Forget

  • my first trip to Disneyland
  • the first time I saw the ocean
  • all those times we laughed as we walked down the hallways after school and laughed even harder at all the kids who were wondering what was wrong with us
  • My first concert 
  • the first message you sent me that lead to months of us talking for hours
  • The rainbow lights shining on the White House
  • "Orange dictionaries" 
  • That one ice skating trip
  • Making cookies by the fire
  • The cheesiest pick up lines that ever graced the earth that we couldn't help but laugh at 
  • All those winters sitting by the fire with hot chocolate surrounded by lights and feeling safe
  • The summer with Ella
  • "I've never talked to you but hi and I hope you're feeling swell"
  • Taking the long way home after our night at Dairy Queen to sing to our favorite songs in the car
  • Cassie
  • 9:59 pm, June 9, 2015
  • The magical "TPO and Typo Friends" comics
  • Valentine's Day 2007 
  • Valentine's Day 2015
  • Spending the day at the Allerton Garden 
  • Looking for new CD's at second hand stores
  • Mr. R and Mrs. K
  • Light, airy apartments + troye sivan music
  • Studying in that coffee shop and the cashier in the Fall Out Boy top who said she liked my drawings
  • "I really do think you're going places"
  • Robin and Ryan and their progress
  • dancing in the living room 
  • All the people who tagged their sad friends in happy/hopeful posts and told them that everything was going to be okay

_        _        _

I was planning to get this up sooner, but I forgot state testing was a thing and then, ironically enough, it took me a lot longer than I thought it would to remember all the things I never want to forget.
I hope you're all having a wonderful week. <3

this week's playlist
All I Want - Kodaline | Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine | We Are Nowhere and Its Now - Bright Eyes | Small Hands - Keaton Henson | Taxi Cab - Twenty One Pilots | Talk - Kodaline | On The News - Keaton Henson | Fixin' - WALK THE MOON | If You Ever Want To Be In Love - James Bay | Impossible Year - Panic! at the Disco | July Bones - Richard Walters | Catch & Release - Matt Simons | Unsteady - X Ambassadors | Another Love - Tom Odell | Winter Winds - Mumford & Sons | Raging - Kygo and Kodaline | Between Me And You - Brandon Flowers | Easy - Son Lux | Honey - Magic Man | Mind Over Matter - Young The Giant | Total Eclipse of the Heart - Sleeping At Last | Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson | The Only One For Me - Jack and White | In Love Alone - Jack and White | King of Leaves - Richard Walters | Your Song - Elton John 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Concept;

so for a while there was a thing going around on Tumblr (I think its still a thing?? who knows?? I'm an actual grandma and don't know how to keep up with things, so for the sake of this post I'll say its still a thing) and I decided to jump on the bandwagon 600 years later and write future concepts for the people in my life. I guess this is less of a 'concept' post and more of a 'hopes for the future' post, but oh well. Enjoy I guess?

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a concept; you are loved. you are safe and feel loved and you finally are living your dreams. the rest of the world finally sees you for the beautiful, bright soul you are and you do too. You finally get to do all the things you wanted to, see all the places you wanted to see, and meet all your idols and jthe people who inspired you even in your darkest times and thank them for everything. we finally got to go on that road trip that we planned and then some. all your hard work has finally paid off and you've finally realized how important you are and have a successful career. You get to keep on inspiring people while living your dream life with all you ever wanted and more. Everything's better than you ever could've hoped for. 

a concept; we've finally met. in real life. we've met and we've been together for just a few months now, but we still adore each other after all this time and we've got our own apartment now. we get to do all those movie marathons we planned and we wake up every morning to waffles and hot chocolate with our dog curled up in the living room. I get to show you all the things I wanted to, and maybe everything didn't turn out the way we planned, but you're here. you're here with me and the world is brighter now that you are and I love you so.

a concept; you're a writer. you get to keep going with your masterpieces and you have several of your works published and you get to see the impact you make on a much larger scale. your words heal the hearts of people around the world and not only do you get to inspire others to do the same, but you inspire others to keep going when they thought they were ready to fall.

a concept;  you've graduated from Stanford at the top of your class like you always dreamed you would. you're still working on your dream to become the president of the united states, but in the meantime you're changing the world for the better with your ideas and you get to dream even bigger dreams along the way.

a concept; the world is brighter. there are more people chasing their passions and there are more ideas changing the world every day. people are still falling in love and learning to love themselves too. old doubts and insecurities are gradually replaced by seeds of hope and we're all okay. broken hearts are mended and all the things we lost are being rebuilt from the ground up. the world is getting better and we're all okay.

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this week's playlist
From The Ground Up - Sleeping At Last | Am I Pretty? - The Maine | Swan Song - Grimes | Woodwork - Sleeping At Last | Loved At All - Joel Ansett | That Green Gentleman - Panic! at the Disco | Love At First Sight - The Brobecks | Sidekick - WALK THE MOON | I'll Keep You Safe - Sleeping At Last | She Had The World - Panic! at the Disco | Homeless - Ed Sheeran | High Hopes - Kodaline | Jenny - WALK THE MOON | The City - The 1975 | From The Ground Up - Sleeping At Last | Do You Know What I'm Seeing? - Panic! at the DiscoPictures - Benjamin Francis Leftswich | I Knew This Would Be Love - Imaginary Future | Let It Go - James Bay | Growing Pains - Birdy | Laughter Lines - Bastille | Where The Skies Are Blue - The Lumineers | You - Keaton Henson

(I'll finally reply to comments sometime today, I promise)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

  • Life, even with all the horrible things mixed in, is very much worth living
  • Mallory Ortberg is right about everything
  • keeping your favorite band away from the rest of the world is one of the worst thing you can do for them
  • Having a strong voice on the internet is a very special thing
  • that being said, having a strong voice on the internet is also a very scary thing and should be used in moderation and learning to be critical of what you put out there is important
  • You should never feel bad for feeling excited about something you love
  • Travelling by yourself is actually one of the best feelings in the world
  • but, at same time, as much as it is important to learn to be independent and to grow on your own, having a hand to hold along the way is a good feeling too 
  • Listen to good music now. Your future self will thank you.
  • Everywhere you go, you are a student. (x)
  • comparing your progress to someone else's is probably one of the worst things you can do for your self esteem. everyone is at different places at different times of their lives and everyone's going to figure themselves out at different points of their lives and that's okay
  • Hating your past self will do nothing for you. Accept the fact that Little You is still learning and Current You is still learning and there will always be new things to learn in the future 
  • I know there are constantly a lot of bad things happening all the time, but please don't forget that there is still good in the world and people are still worth loving
  • honestly, who cares if other people know if you like 1D still or you still like coloring books, who cares, you just do u my friend
  • There is not a single person on this planet or in this wide, vast galaxy that could fill your place
  • the world isn't out to get you, no one hates you, you're not nearly as awkward as you think, and people are kinder than you may think
  • you
  • deserve
  • to 
  • be
  • happy
  • care! about! things! apathy is so passe
  • as long as you're wearing cool socks, you're automatically the coolest (i'm so tired i just wrote "coolester" i'm dying) person in the room
  • The history of Japan is actually really cool and Bill Wurtz needs to be my teacher for everything
  • When someone argues against your points, keep in mind that you're either right or you get to learn something new, and either is fine. Being proved wrong in an argument isn't necessarily a bad thing and being able to admit that you hadn't thought about the thing that way before or that you misunderstood something before is a strength, not a weakness 
  • Whenever you feel bad about your work, just think about how impressed Little You would be at how far you've come.
  • you are too old for petty drama
  • Your friends aren't always going to be there for you. It's okay. 
  • don't be afraid of the word 'no'
  • Forgiving yourself is very very hard, and you're going to go through times when you really hate yourself for something. Remember that it's okay and what happened doesn't matter nearly as much as you think it does. You'll be okay soon.
  • Use as much as your free time as possible to improve your mind. Find some new music, read that book that's been on your shelf for months, practice that instrument that's collected dust, research a topic you're curious about, try new things
  • don't let yourself hate other people. don't hold grunges. don't talk about people behind their backs. don't hate. don't hate. don't hate. 
  • you can't demand a service while simultaneously degrading the people who provide it for you.
  • you're still learning. everyone around you is still learning. 
  • you're going to be okay, friend.
  • and everything else will be okay too.
  • everything will be okay.

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this week's playlist (favorites bolded)
Pull Me Down - Mikky Ekko | Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford & Sons | Mars - Sleeping At Last | Drown - Tyler Joseph | Next To Me - Sleeping At Last | You Were A Home That I Wanted To Grow Up In - Flatsound | Now Is The Start - A Fine Frenzy | On The Brightside - Never Shout Never | Jupiter - Sleeping At Last | American Candy - The Maine | Everybody's Changing - Keane | Cough It Out - The Front Bottoms | Somebody Else - The 1975 | Taxi Cab - Vampire Weekend | Cleopatra - The Lumineers | The House We Grew Up In - The Weeks | Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala | Compass - Zella Day | Light - Sleeping At Last | You Wrote "Don't Forget" On Your Arm - Flatsound