Sunday, May 31, 2015

*Arrives Fashionably Late to Party*

This idea was inspired by Adi, but originally by Star Girl, as far as I know
Please let me know if I need to change the credit, or if it was someone else who made this up
It's a beautiful idea

~          ☁          ~ 

Dear Ms. S, 
I remember sitting in class listening to all the other students gripe and whine about how strict you were and how hard your class was. To avoid getting picked on, I silently nodded my head in agreement to all of them, but honestly, you taught me more than anyone else in my life has. And it wasn't just things like math or science or all the things the other teachers were teaching their students. You taught me about life. And if it weren't for you, I never would've considered ever writing stories or making art. I still remember all the things you told me and all the times you pulled me aside to talk to me alone during recess or class. To this day, I live by all the wonderful things you told me. 
Thank you. 

Dear Nathan, 
Thanks for making me laugh so hard I choked on my own spit in class. You were one of my favorite people in that homeroom class. Never forget your special abilities. ;D

Dear L,
You were hilarious and made our world civ class 10x better. Thanks for the gum.

Dear kid with the skull shirt in the park, 
It took me nine years.
But I forgive you.

Dear C, 
I miss you like crazy. 
But I'm having the time of my life. I've never been happier, and all my lifelong dreams are slowly coming true. I bet you'd be happy to hear that.

Dear everyone I haven't messaged in a while,
Don't worry, I still check up on all your pages every five minutes and think about you a lot.
I'm just a scared little lemon and don't want to bother you or anything. xD

Dear me,
Actually chill. 

Dear D, 
Thanks for making Home Ecc bearable. You're freaking welcome for showing up to class early every day just to take out the box of sewing supplies for you and sorry for laughing every time you dropped your 'darn needle'. xD

Dear J, 
Someone told me in fifth grade you liked me. I doubt that's true, but you were good at making me laugh until I cried in math. xD

Dear Sam, 
I'm sorry for ditching you that school year and never texting you. I heard you have a new life now; new friends, new teachers, new you. I heard you're happy and are doing well. I'm glad. Stay drunk on science, you orange dictionary. 

Dear Alexa, 
I know that school is unbearable. You have to understand, that's exactly why I left. I wish you luck next year, and maybe we can see each other again soon. Now play nice with the other kids, unless one of the other kids wanna fight, then you have to kick the other kid's butt. Hang in there, you limp noodle. 

Dear Dylan, 
I will never forget the 'luscious' hair and eyelashes you drew on Charlotte Doyle. You were the best, and working on math pages in advisory with you was the best. I hope you're doing well

Dear Z,
You were a jerk.

Dear C, 
Literally no one cares if you're the fastest runner in the P.E. class. And I honestly didn't care that I was one of the last to cross the finish line. I just wanted to finish and get out.
EDIT: Just recently I found you again and you seem pretty cool. Nice job. You made it out of the 'Jerk-zone'. 

Dear Bri, 
You were kinda a jerk, no matter how popular you were. Also, crushes are normal, and are really none of your business in the first place. Chill.

Dear Patrick, 
Thanks for teaching me how to hit the dang ball in badminton. You were actually nice. Gold medal for you. xD

Dear Zach, 
One of the main reasons we kept laughing was the look on your face whenever you saw us stumbling down the hall, trying to stand each other up while weak from laughing. You were the best. And no, my name was not Harry. xD

Dear S, 

Dear Adi,
You know someone's your ultimate best friend when you could literally go on forever about any topic and never stop. The past few years have been epic, and keep getting better. We're gonna go on that road trip someday. And have that LOTR/Hobbit marathon. I'm a pretty crap friend at times (90% of the time. The other 10% of the time I'm sending pictures) but thanks for putting up with me all these years. <3

Dear B,
You turned out to be a jerk. Sayonara, idiot.

Dear past self,
One of the worst things you can do is tell yourself you're not worth it. But one day you'll learn.
Also, shut up about your homework. Writing your spelling words isn't that hard at all. So suck it up. You've got a big storm coming anyway. You should see your school schedule now.

Dear old school,
I complain about you a lot. But sometimes I do miss you for some reason. Not enough to go back, and definitely not because of the year I had there, but the little moments and the few teachers that you had that taught me a lot. Even the fact that I used to be really good and fast at getting schoolwork done, but now am the complete opposite showed me that I'm not the queen of the world and I DO have a lot of faults. But they're just things to work on.

Dear old kitty,
You're getting really old. We've had you since I was six. You were a kitten then. I can see the difference in the way you walk and how scratchy your voice has been lately. I'm sorry I don't get to pet you enough these days, but hang in there.

Dear J/gardenGnostic,
You're such a nerd. xD Thanks for sticking with me during that field trip, and every other field trip after that. Testing was amazing, even if I almost burst a vein laughing because of you. Also thanks for getting me into every fandom possible and helping me during lessons and pulling me out of my shell in a sense. I couldn't help but hide behind you while all the other kids stared at us like we needed help during lunch, but I also couldn't stop laughing. Hope you beat that level and see ya at the picnic, dork. xD
P.S. It's sit sits and your girly scream is my favorite thing. xD

Dear Adi,

Dear Dan Howell,
You're such a meme, never leave the internet. xD

Dear Phil Lester,
You are the actual human equivalence of a ray of sunshine, you don't leave the internet either. ^_^

Dear R,
We don't even talk or anything, but I am so stinking proud of you. Scrolling down your page, anyone can see you've come so far, and I wish you luck with the rest of your transition. You look fantastic, btw, and have the best music taste and also you remind me so much of someone important to me.

Dear O,
You are absolutely gorgeous and your hair is goals. Thanks for getting me into EVEN MORE fandoms, and your playlist is fabulous. Good luck with everything. <3

Dear A,
1. I don't even do makeup in the first place, but hOW DOES ONE MAKEUP. 2. I'm sorry for the messages you get. I wish there was something I could do. and 3. You are so pretty.

Dear R,
I still have that picture I drew for you and listening to Owl City makes me sad now. Come back soon.

Dear S,
Please, just stop.

Dear Kiki,
It was fun to finally meet you. And no, I'm not that old.

Dear current report card,
I really don't know what to say at this point.
My parents are gonna kill me and I'm the only one to blame.

Dear Chloe,
I still grin whenever I remember you freaking out the first time I called.

Dear Chris,
I'm so glad you're back. You seem happier lately and I'm proud of you.

Dear Mr. P,
Thanks for not giving up on me last year.

Dear Mr. H,
Thanks for not giving up on me this year.

Dear followers on here,
I still smile whenever someone visits my blog. I still laugh when you guys joke around in the comments, I still get really excited when you guys tell me about your day or about something that's happened recently, and I still feel sad when any of you guys are sad or leave your blog. I still do that dumb kicking-while-helpless-giggling happy dance in my chair whenever someone leaves a super sweet comment--or any comment at all, really. Thanks for sticking with me over the whole course of whatever this was. I don't plan on leaving my little sanctuary here anytime soon; thanks for making this little blogging community feel like home.

Dear teachers,
I know. I'm really sorry.

Dear parents,
I'm also really sorry. About everything.

Dear world,
I'm not sorry.

Dear future,
Please be gentle with me.

Dear self, 
You were wrong. 
You were wrong about everything. 
But that's okay.
You can breathe now.
Everything is going to be okay. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

If Every Pork Chop Were Perfect, We Wouldn't Have Hot Dogs

In honor of the Class of 2015
If anyone reading is graduating this year, congratulations. I'm so proud of you. ^_^

Hope you're all doing well and that your pets are doing well too.
Tbh, I don't really have anything to say, so this'll just be a little collection of things that make me really happy to make me feel better because I'm still sick and dying even though it's been a whole week. (Is that even possible though, how have I not died yet, someone explain to me the thing)
I guess that's all really, so here we go. xD

If you listen carefully, you can hear my teachers applauding in the distance at all the schoolwork I'm getting done rn



his hair is the reason i have breathing problems


me rn

remember that one time they made a Doctor Who reference in Veggietales

*tosses glitter* PUNS OF THE DAY


*kidz bop voice* "HOT YEAH"

this is the best thing

im laughing so hard because someone commented "omg it's dan howell"
and that was the end of me

So I have this journal
I've been writing in it for years now. I've had it for at least 4 years now.
I've written a lot in it; from just merely talking about my day, to giving myself a prompt and writing as long as I could from there. I'm far from finishing it, but I want to share a little bit of it. There's little stories and things in there I'd love to put up to maybe share a little bit more about myself.
So I'll be starting a new little series based on this little journal. I have absolutely no clue how often I'll be posting this series, since as everyone knows, I can barely keep up with regular posts. xD They'll just be a little more serious than the things I regularly post. 
I'm excited to start this, I'll be posting them soon. xD

Oh, and kudos to you if you understand the reference in the title


~     ~     ~