Saturday, October 31, 2015


My activities for the day include:
  • Eating all the candy I can find
  • Covering pumpkins in glitter (because I still don't know how to carve them)
  • Going trick or treating (everyone says I'm too old, but how are you going to pass up the opportunity as dressing up in public without getting weird looks? xD)
  • Starting a Christmas song list and decorating my blog for Christmas because I've been ready since September someone stop me
  • Probably watching Charlie Brown
  • Breaking apart candy corn into three sections before I eat them because I'm one of those people. xD Does anyone else do that?? I want to know
~     ~      ~

What are you all going as if you're dressing up??


Monday, October 19, 2015

Things You Shouldn't Let the Internet Convince You

1.) That having a mental illness is a good thing or ~cute~
2.) That not being a minority or not having some obscure issue makes you any less of a person
3.) That being a minority or having some obscure issue makes you any less of a person
4.) That drugs are cool
5.) That you can’t be popular on the internet without being a narcissistic jerk
6.) That making fun of people/their situations is an acceptable form of humor
7.) That hating everyone around you is an okay mentality
8.) That your problems don’t matter
9.) That having apathy and not caring for anything at all is ~cool~
10.) That hating men is okay
11.) That hating women is okay
12.) That hating children is okay
13.) That hating anyone is okay, like literally what, stop hating things that is a toxic way to live, my friend
14.) That you can’t make a point or state your opinion without being a jerk
15.) That attacking people just because they have a different opinion is okay
16.) That your grades don’t matter
17.) That what you do doesn’t matter
18.) That the world is a terrible place
19.) That life isn’t worth living
20.) That making fun of someone for getting excited about something they like is okay
21.) That your self-worth is depicted based on the number of followers or likes you have
22.) But also, that getting excited when you do gain a lot of followers or views or likes or whatever makes you a selfish, self-absorbed person
23.) That liking things that are popular makes you a “basic”, boring person
24.) That liking things that aren’t popular is a bad thing
25.) That not liking things that other people like makes you a bad person
26.) That putting other people down for liking things is a good thing
27.) That putting people down in general for something that isn’t hurting anyone in anyway, is okay
28.) That not “reposting for ___” is a bad thing/makes you a ""heartless person"" I mean why?? ? ? ?
29.) That you have to be a certain way for people to like you

I could go on forever with this, but the main thing is just don’t let the internet make you feel bad for who you are, and don’t let it convince you that hurting other people is okay. The internet is full of opinions, and it is all up to you to decide what you want to do with your life. Don’t let some idiot on a keyboard convince you that any of this is okay. As someone who’s been on Tumblr for about 3 years now, and has made many other social media accounts and has seen plenty of this in that time period, I’ve formed many opinions of my own based on what other people say online. 

I would like to take a moment to thank Gerard for this tweet. xD

Liking things shouldn't be all that serious, don't be rude to other people online and offline, share ideas, make things, help others, take care of yourself, y'know just be a good soup, and share some of that soup. I know I sound like one of those stupid cheesy "STAY SAFE ON THE INTERWEBS!!!1!" videos that they show in school, but really, I feel like some people do need the reminder. Everything is fine. Everything is so fine, and everything is going to be okay, just don't be a piece of poo, and that is all I have to say. 

HOPE YOU'RE ALL HAVING A WONDERFUL DAY/WEEK/EXISTENCE. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, I have been reading I promise, I've just been sorta quiet (and dying over portfolios, school needs to chill). 


~     ~     ~

Friday, October 9, 2015

So what? You try again, that's what.

Hey guys
I feel like I owe you all an explanation of why my blog was on private, 
why I haven't been answering messages, why I haven't been posting, why I 
closed everything down, and why I've basically been ignoring you all for
about a week. 
Life kinda went downhill around Saturday/Sunday night and just kept falling
further day after day this week. Everything's just been a hectic mess and really
sorta had a breakdown and had to shut everything down for a couple days, is all.
Everything's still a mess now, but it's grown smaller the past couple days once I 
gave myself a break and locked myself out of social media for a while and gave
myself some time to work on fixing everything. I can't really talk about what all
happened, since it's sorta a personal family thing, but the important thing is I'm 
back now, at least for a little while. I'm probably not going to be posting again 
because there's still plenty of things to fix, but for now, I won't be going private 
anymore. :)
I hope you all have been doing wonderful while I was gone, sorry I didn't really
get a chance to check up on everyone, but I'm going to work on that this weekend.
I was thinking about all those gif-filled posts I used to do that I haven't done in a
couple months, actually, and I wanted to fix that. So, this post will just be filled 
with general things that make me happy. I have a whole section on my Tumblr blog of
 things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and basically that's all this post will
 consist of. It won't really have any structure whatsoever, but hopefully it'll do it's job
 and make at least a couple of you smile.
Edit: I did get a pre-written post up halfway through the week though, so I wasn't gone
for too long, thankfully.

“To me, the meaning of a human life is to be happy; it’s to achieve happiness right now. 
It’s to make sure you’re happy in the future, and so that generally when you look back on 
your life, you’re like: yes, that was satisfactory. If some people on Youtube have a message
 to give people, I guess that mine is, do whatever you have to do to be happy.”

Its always the dumbest things that make me laugh


and last thing is a continuing playlist I've made of videos that make me happy
you can find it here
I'm also working on a list of songs that make me happy, so if any of you want
the link to that, just let me know and I'll try to get it up. 

~     ~     ~

I decided halfway through this that I was going to do this more often. So look forward
to more of these kinds of posts in the future.

And before I go, if you're in the mood to read little one-line things that make you
feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I recommend checking out conceptualsolitude on tumblr.
The whole page makes me so very happy and I'm actually working on drawing some
things based on a lot of these, and I've been keeping this to myself for a long time, but
I feel so selfish doing that. I've been trying so, so hard to have a new perspective on life and 
learning to be a better person in general the past few years, and one thing that a friend 
of mine from school taught me just a couple weeks ago is that music and art is for
 everyone and happiness and joy should be shared.
So this is just me sharing my happiness with you.
I hope it helps.

I hope you have a fantastic day, don't forget to drink some water and enjoy the outdoors and
stretch today. Take care of yourself, friend. 
And thank you so much for reading. <3

Eat lots of pineapples,
Drink some water,
And read a magical book for me

((Also I WILL be responding to comments next week, I feel awful for 
not doing so earlier, and I'm so sorry, but life's been a little annoying, but I'm
working on responding to all the lovely things you've said a little bit at a time))

~     ~     ~