Sunday, August 3, 2014

So someone on Tumblr, and then another person at some party I was awkwardly standing next to asked me who Adam Young was...
So I said 'Owl City'
"Who's Owl City?" they say


Owl City is one of those bands that once you hear you explode and all of a sudden rainbows shoot out of your speakers with the music and suddenly the world is brighter and it makes you feel better just by the first few notes of the songs and you will die a happy person because you listened to his songs.

"Who's him?" You say? 

Is Owl City

He's insane and we all want to lock him up at one point in our lives and tell him to take a nap or something but he's also a major cutie and so we just go along with it.
He's crazy.
We get legitimately afraid at times.
(But we love him anyway, because if you refer to the first pic, he is a cutie)

Don't believe me, just look at him in glasses
or just look at his hair or brown eyes you'll die either way.

Okay, you need to pay real good attention here, because this is very important. 
Go listen to this album.
This is your new life soundtrack, like it or not. 
You have no choice.
Go listen to it or else and me and the rest of Adam's supreme army will tear you apart.
But not Adam himself, because all he really does is sing and tweet and sleep.(But we love him anyway)

Flames Pond
I want you to look at this face for a moment
Flames Pond.
This is the same dorky Adam we know and love, just a few years younger and still adorable somehow what even
He did this thing called Flames Pond where he basically, as a teen, went around filming himself acting like a doofus and still managed to become a famous artist. We don't understand either but that's in the past now.

His dancing skills are fabulous, we know.
Ur such a nerd.


He doesn't really look all that tall, but he's actually 6'2" so surprise surprise

Did you know that the default sounds on the iOS 7 iPhones are actually made by Owl City? Yup.
One is even named Night Owl. Shocker.

Via Wikipedia
His laptop is like his bestie, he takes it everywhere and ticks off flight attendants by tweeting on planes there's a whole Twitter saga over that

Okay, I don't really ship these two, but the story is really adorable so get your tissues and sit back and relax.
So Adam had this big crush on Taylor Swift at one point and sorta just admired her from afar I guess until one night they met up at a party in New York, got a few pictures and then ended up leaving. 
A little later, Taylor ended up coming out with a new album at the time with one of the songs, Enchanted, having a little secret message along with a lot of her other songs for Adam, along with the fact she used the word 'wonderstruck', which Adam thought was cool, because he used that word a lot and Taylor had noticed. 
He didn't just think it was cool, he sang the song back to Taylor on Valentine's day, along with the most adorable letter to Taylor I've ever read and you need to listen to the song because he changed it up a bit and I almost cried here's the link and here's the letter;_ylt=A2KIo.AHbdxTwTYAzyP7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTB2MWFibWlxBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDVjE3MARncG9zAzM-?p=adam+young+enchanted&vid=529e86cba0fb7720c78b97aa49b25263&l=4%3A56&

I died for about 3,000,000 years darn you Adam I hate you. 
Idk, just listening to the song was amazing. He wasn't surprised he said when she ended up with another guy instead of him and they never got together, and that she never even replied, (which kinda broke my heart a little bit don't make me cry again Adam) but the story itself is adorable, even if I don't really ship them. (He needs to find someone else, I'm a huge fan of Taylor, but she practically ignored Adam's response so shame on her for that 'tis okay Adam you're fabulous anyway)

But really though, if you haven't heard his songs you need to. His lyrics are sometimes....a little obscure, along with his collection of tweets and captions for selfies and things on Instagram, but I guarantee at least once you will cry over at least one because he really is talented and amazing. He loves his fans and acts just like a normal guy just the same. He's super sweet and acts a little shy but that just kills all his fans even more. 

Love ya lots, Adam, keep doing what you do and never let anyone tell you that you can't wear a tuna fish can as a hat