Sunday, December 18, 2016

hello (darkness my old friend)

it's been quite a while since anything's actually been touched on this blog, incredible, it feels all new and special again

ayyy, so my name is Kelsey and surprisingly enough, I can't even count the times I've tried to open this blog and left without fail, nice to meet you!!!!

it's been a wild past few *patrick stump voice* CENTURIEEESSS months, and as of recently, I wanted to reopen this for I found out that I'm doing a school exchange program (I'm a small child and cannot be trusted in a new town all by myself, I am not Adult™ enoughsend multiple ambulances) and I wanted to possibly try to document this in some way?

It won't be happening until early January, so there's going to be some time until I actually start posting on here, but since it's been actual months since I've opened this (and everything's different again, who at Google do I fight, they completely redid everything), I decided to try and get back into something that resembles the old routine on here

this is definitely getting the award for the absolute worst introduction post, especially as a "yooo, i never told you i was leaving in the first place--psych. (cue the awkward + apologetic finger guns @ literally nobody)" post, but by the time I get on the plane in January, the blog will probably get a decent makeover (watch it end up getting back that old black star background for nostalgia's sake, yikes) and there'll be a new intro post that had effort put into it, whoopdedoo

anywho, (THEY FINALLY COUNT "ANYWHO" AS AN ACTUAL WORD ON HERE, DO YOU HEAR THE ANGELS SING) this should be quite the adventure.

looking forward to coming back to dump random, cheesy paragraphs on here (again)

can you believe this gif still is in my folders, its a beautiful day