Tuesday, March 28, 2017

mood: "be happy like dogs"

can you believe that these boys are real and travelling the world making incredible things and inspiring people everywhere? some days i'm really happy that stressed out got popular just so
the world can know my boys

the funny thing is about these kinds of disjointed posts is the older i get, the less purpose 
or value i see in them, and yet i want to do more because they've become one of the few things
 in my life that actually need any structure or a monumental amount of effort, y'know?
a.k.a. there's no such thing as wasted time as long as it makes you happy and builds you up
she says, wistfully staring at the pile of work shes supposed to be doing.

things that have happened + life lessons from the past couple months or so:
1. prom(ish) i guess was a thing?? except the theme was an anti-prom kind of thing, so that was a wild experience.
2. witnessing josh dun in a hamster ball was probably the greatest thing that has ever happened
3. speaking in front of groups larger than 40 people is spooky scary, but do it anyway. or just slap down a massive blank sheet of paper and markers and tell the group to say what they appreciate in life, because nobody has the time to put in the effort to be inspirational
4. walking through airports on your own is wild and actually incredible sometimes
5. getting slapped in the face with the realization that the people who get to see the people they love every day are so so incredibly lucky hurts but sometimes is necessary
6. basketball season was a thing that happened and is now over and im a lil bit sad about that
8. drawing with ink pens is difficult and art classes often make me feel like crying, but i'm learning to be positive from my drawing partner and she's becoming the reason i look forward to art now
9. two hour phone calls back home to your parents can actually be fun. appreciate the people around you, kids

because i dont remember exactly what i used to put in these posts, have some things from my picture folders
in case you didnt know, this is my idol right here

and heres a few tweets from an archive of the most innocent corners of the internet years ago

appreciate the boiling parsnip owl with me

and one of my many favorite messages ever.

_    _    _

its strange when you go back to the place you call home and suddenly feel homesick for the
place you were dreading being sent off too. sometimes its difficult to pinpoint exactly what i
call home with memories pinned to all these distinct places on this earth.
anywho, i made this post a while ago and now i'm supposed to be doing homework again but
dorms are loud and eating spicy noodles while staring at the stars while talking with people you care about a whole lot is so much more important, so hello!!!

things are well.

the old stars are back.

and so are some old wonderful feelings

and these spicy noodles are making my eyes water.

i hope you are doing well.

appreciate the people around you, kids. no matter where you are in the world, with the way we live in this era, home is always closer than you think.


  1. I'm happy you're happy and this post has made me so happy, haha. I'm glad things are going well, and thanks for the messages, I'll try to remember them from now on. <3

    - Jo

    1. aahhh why thank you my dear!! you're too sweet, haha. :) hope life is going well for you too, and pshh, we all need the reminder sometimes


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